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ALLAH HAS BETTER PLAN FOR YOU. You will always have the jealous brats. No matter, who you know shaytaan is the one who drives that. So you excuse them you will always have people who correct you with love. You listen to them to you always have the genuine people who care for you. that appreciate them but then you have the swipers. Then you have the people who target you. And then you have the people who don’t know you.  They think what on earth you are doing. You have the people who think you’re out there to make money or to gain fame and that’s not it. If I if you were to ask me about how and that was one of the things you were saying we want to know who was behind the Instagram. How it all happened it was just a miracle. You know, I can let you in on something very interesting in my in one of the masjids back at home. You know where I was the imam, also on a voluntary basis. I’ve never taken a penny in terms of salary for what I’ve done. For the sake of Allah, for the deen for teaching Islam.


Not a penny whether when I was an imam, when I was teaching the children Alifenba, when I taught, when I lectured never not a penny. The income is absolutely separate from the work of the dean that’s being done. So I was teaching. And so on and then the same people who asked me to come in were the same people who started hustling and harassing. And at the time, I didn’t know any better but I ended up leaving and going elsewhere went to South Africa. Went to a place did this you know the radio stations were involved at the time later on the television stations. I got a lot of flack. I was called big names going as far as Kufurih. You know at the time and I was very young. And I learned very early that you got to ignore this. It will happen it will keep on happening until the day you die. Yeah, it’s true you have to ignore it. You keep going. Brother Musa if my plan of my life had gone ahead. I would not have been where I am today. But because Allah blocked my plan more than 20 times. He took me to a place where I would never have dreamt I would be. So when Allah blocks your plan, thank him he’s got a better plan for you long term. I think that’s amazing because a lot of people they have plans. I think a lot of people have idea. Yeah we all have plans of what we want to do. Who we want to be. The way we the way in which we want to act. The way in which we want to dress.
Is it haram wishing merry Christmas
Is it haram wishing merry Christmas

The person

                                    we want to marry and the list goes on. Sometimes we find that there are blockages in those plans. True there’s blockages it’s just not happening. I want to go to this university. It’s just not happening. You end up dropping out of university. It just doesn’t nothing’s working for you. Sometimes it’s moments like that like you mentioned Subhanallah that make you realize. You know what, this is what I would. You know something that I can its. Something I’m sure many people can resonate with the way. I resonate with it is. Subhanallah I mean, I’m someone who really struggled with my education growing up. And there was a time when I wasn’t even in school. I would think to myself you. You start to see the other kids. And you feel a little bit justify out like. I didn’t go through that period of my life. Yes however, if I didn’t, if my father didn’t take me out of school. I wouldn’t be sitting here. I don’t think, I’d be sitting here.

Can I tell you one thing? Allah plan

A piece of advice for all those who are going through blocked. You know passages and closed doors please try your best within the capacity given to you by Allah. If it is still closed set yourself a little deadline and move on. You have to close the door.  To talk about marrying people. You know at some stage. We all have had people who we wanted to marry and we were blocked. If I were to tell you that I was blocked too. At a certain stage where the father told me you can go to hell. I literally went to heaven as a result. But alhamdulillah you don’t know what Allah is saving you from. You really don’t and people go so crazy like that’s the only person on earth. And perhaps it may be for that moment but in actual fact Allah has a better plan for you. You know and not just marriage but let’s be more serious. Sometimes you want to have a certain education. You just didn’t make the grade. You tried again you just didn’t make the grade. It’s Allah telling you I want you somewhere else. But you try your best. I’m not saying don’t try your best. Once you know that you’ve given it your best shot. Just move away got that’s it. And Allah will take you places like I said. I promise you that I am today where I am because the doors were closed one after the other had. my had doors that were open. wouldn’t even be sitting here with you today.

If you ask me, had you ever dreamt that you would be in this position today?

The answer is absolutely not. I had no clue. I didn’t ever know. I’ve never pursued followers. Neither on twitter, nor on Facebook, nor on anywhere else, no on YouTube, was I just myself. And I kept going. Relentlessly with dedication with proper focus, nothing will take away my focus for more than a moment. When I say more than a moment, I mean. Sometimes you have a few you feel. Oh I didn’t expect it from this brother. There are people whom we’ve helped in our lives a lot. One day when they dagger you know you just got to say. Ah I wasn’t expecting it from them. But now you learn expect it from anyone. You know what, I’m still excited. I met Muhammad Munir today from America. And I promise you it’s my first time meeting him. And one of the things I said to him is you know. I love those who hate me. I’m honest. The reason is, I just love them for the sake of Allah, not for them.
Islamic rules for keeping cats at home
Islamic rules for keeping cats at home lllllAllah plan


                  Subhanallah and I don’t need to waste a space in my heart with hatred. Even if I disagree with someone strongly. I love them, care for them. That  would love to reach out to them one day. You know, I don’t have that in my heart. I actually don’t. And I think sometimes what people tell me are you known we can hear it in the way you talk. We can see it. We know okay there’s genuineness. But then you do have people who really dislike you with a passion for whatever reason. They won’t even want to see your face its okay. It’s fine. And it’s healthy to have people who dislike you with a passion because the prophet (S.W.) had those who disliked him with a passion. So who am I! Who are you! But the thing is you are saddened. Because sometimes those whom you least expected you know. They hurt you. You know I studied with a certain brother in medina. I saw someone say things about me. And its okay, it doesn’t but when I saw him confirming. Saying oh you know, yeah I don’t know how the sky changed. And I do and that and I was shocked. I actually sent him a message to say brother I didn’t expect this from you. And you should have seen what he sent back to me. I thanked Allah that day.
I said oh Allah we are human. this guy is human. He doesn’t know, he hasn’t even met me thereafter. He doesn’t know where we work. What we do, what happens the challenges. So many other things.

Subhanallah moral of the story, Allah plan

Be determined, be focused keep, going do, it for Allah, not for anyone else Allah will give it acceptance. When he wants and don’t you think mufti that it’s a thing where. You know all of us are going to be. All of us are going to face blockages. As Allah expresses to us in the Quran that this life is a test, this life you’re going to be tested. You’re going to face these blockages. You’re going to face these problems but isn’t it so much better to face these problems. While being close to Allah sub Hana wa ta’ala.

Than being very far away from him. I agree absolutely. I believe that anything that brings you closer to Allah was a blessing as negative as it .may have seemed to you at the time anything a person dying. You’re losing a job; you having things repossessed whatever else it may be. Losing a limb any negativity people attacking you. Everything that brings you closer to Allah is a blessing. Even if it seems negative at the moment. Subhanallah you know mostly you’re a big inspiration to many people out there. People when they speak about you. Um a lot of people they speak in a way in which I think. I think some people would might even be genuinely surprised that you might struggle with certain things. Or you might go through tests yourself. Yes and there’s no doubt that you’re going through tests. Because you’re a human being absolutely. We’re all going to be testified.

So a question is how do you manage your own tests?

That you may go through like for example, you’re traveling a lot. Yes and may that includes yourself being away from your family. And yes and I know because from a young age my father has been traveling a lot. Yes and I’ve kind of had to step up at times. You know people don’t see it as you mentioned people do not see. And people from the outside. They judge they say things; he is this he’s that. He’s not real. He’s a hypocrite etc. Yes and they just talk.

How do you deal with all of these stresses?

Because it can become very it can depress a person. Yeah if you’re talking about traveling. I actually have a much disciplined routine where I try. And make sure that I’m at home for the maximum amount of time. Okay my favorite my past time, you know my free time and not only free time; I make the time for my family.  Sure that, I spend time with them, quality time.  leave everything and so on so. You have to prioritize and this is the reason why it’s not so easy to get me for a for a trip. Or to get me for a talk or something. You know I have family that’s spread out in a few countries my own personal family. And Subhanallah it’s just amazing how Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala gives you the energy to actually do things. When you’re determined, when you really want to do things. If I were invited somewhere. I wouldn’t like to spend five minutes more than I have to. I’d like to make my way back to my family. I wouldn’t mind traveling to Malaysia for six hours and flying back immediately after the event. I really wouldn’t because my family comes first.


I have a family first policy that doesn’t mean Allah doesn’t come first. I’m talking about the responsibilities placed on your shoulder from a social perspective family comes first. So alhamdulillah it is a challenge we do have a lot of challenges. But I’ve also got the most understanding. People within my family and I thank Allah for that. I think you know some of my family.

So on Allah sub hanatawala they’ve been the biggest support. If it wasn’t for them. I definitely acknowledge that perhaps. We would have had greater obstacles in what we are doing. We may not have achieved exactly what we have. So they share not only the reward. But a lot of our own attention and uh much more.  Allah plan

Alhamdulillah so uh mufti I’m sure as you know that. I era as an organization yes we’re a Dao organization. Yes alhamdulillah all over the world we focus on giving dawah to non-Muslims. Sharing Islam the compassionate message of Islam. One of the questions that I like to ask us on the rerouted podcast is. Allah plan

What they feel like the best method of sharing Islam is?

Um what would you say to that, like what do you feel like the best. This is the best way to show people that Islam is the way for them. Okay I can give you a decisive answer on that. Okay it depends on the circumstances of the people that you’re trying to call towards the deen. Mostly if your character is outshining the character of others. It’s an automatic dower to the deen. Thereafter you have an opportunity to break the ice and to talk to someone. When you talk to them you know you start off by showing them that you care. Once they know you care the rest is done. You know meaning it’s, now Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala who will guide them. You’re going to get a chance to actually let them. Know share a bit of the deen and so on people come forth today. People are lacking care. They’re lacking love. From our own families Muslim family’s people complain.


My father this, my mother this, no love, no care, no this, their use abusive words. And so on you know when you show that you’re actually a person who’s learned from the prophetic teachings. You’re practicing it in your own homes. A lot of this a lot of the scholars on the block today they have huge issues within their own homes. You know and it’s possible to have issues within their own homes. But sometimes it’s depicting of their character. If their character is what caused it. Then obviously come on you know, you’re not if you were to ask my family about my character. Conduct I’d love them to say in my absence. That this guy is better than what he actually portrays himself to be in the public. And I promise you, I think that’s what they would probably say. I hope so. Yeah that that’s amazing. I and you could. I’m giving you the permission to do that behind my back. It’s not like you know. And honestly speaking, I try to live by what I preach. I try very hard. I’m a human. And we do falter. We do make mistake but we try. This is why, I say to give dawah.


For example if you’re talking to the wealthy. They don’t want handouts. If you’re talking to the poor. They might need handouts. You know, you’ve got to show them you care. You’ve got to show them that look it’s not. A lot of the people who accept Islam are ostracized. They are kicked out of their homes and houses what do you do about that. You know that’s the thing. It’s not just all about shahada’s shahadas. It’s more about following up thereafter. It would be worse for someone to say the shahada. And to go back simply because you were not there to get them married. I’ve come across a lot of racist families who wouldn’t like their children to marry a rivert. When they tell me that look, I the person will never marry rivert. Yesterday I. this morning I was speaking to someone in the U.S. and I said you know, what I think, if Abu Bakr Siddiqi was here to marry you. I don’t think your father would have agreed to get you married to him. Because yeah I promise you because he did he doesn’t tick the boxes your dad wants ticked.
It’s a fact and this is the thing. And I have had the opportunity to speak to many parents. Some of them I just give it to them as it are listening. You know what I don’t think you would accept. If he came to propose to your daughter. And yet he’s from those whose footsteps were heard in Jannah. It’s a fact. So this is the type of thing we face. People don’t want their kids to marry reverts when all the Sahaba were reverts. Subhanallah you thought of that. Subhanallah it’s amazing you! remember the plan of Allah never be fail.



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