Bad effect of mobile phone

Is Mobile Phones health improvement or deterioration?

Bad effect of mobile phone Since 2015, Multiple discuss conducted have appear that the miscarriage rate in our country is very high over the world. Although there are many reasons responsible for this, the experts have discovered the mobile phone is the main villain for human body harm but where is the connection of main miscarriage with mobile phone?

A recent discuss Appear that the effects of radiation transmit from a mobile phone can cause of negative changes in the body of the pregnant women. Which can turn the effect of harm the baby and increase the risk of different labor problems. In particular, the possibility of miscarriage of mobile phone is obvious.


            someone using the mobile phone, a wave called “non-ionizing radiation” come out of user body. These non ionizing radiation waves are so strong that even an atom molecule of a body is able to move from one place to another. Imagine for a second, if this type of strong energy hit body of human molecules how much it’s harmful for him. However, not only the radiation is generated from the body of the mobile phone, but also the same waves transmit from laptops and WiFi & this type of natural device. That’s why doctors always recommend everyone for there own safety and his or her child to staying away from these devices as much as possible & most important for a women during pregnancy. And if you don’t follow or maintain this, you know what can happen? By the way, this instruction is not only for the mother and her child who are harmed due to mobiles. It also has a very bad effect on our body as a whole. Suppose-

Over time using these,

                               There is severe damage to the brain.Excessive using mobile phone is not good for sleep which like flew away. And if your sleep is not good, the brain’s ability to system normally begins to decrees. As a result, if the memory is begins to lose, so the attention and intelligence of brain start to decrease. At the same time, due to the decrease in blood flow to the brain system, the more possibility of getting different brain diseases & also increases the stability of brain memorized system that will not be good for a student ,,👉Bad effect of mobile phone.

For excessive using mobile phone some effect will be appear—-

The brightness system of the mobile phone reduces the secretion of melatonin hormone roughly in the body in many ways. As a result, he (brain) does not want to fall asleep easily cusses of brain think roughly about your phone. Because how much well we will sleep it depends largely on the release of the hormone melatonin. So before you go to bed for sleep, never to go on WhatsApp or Facebook to what happening! When start to see it’s doesn’t stop cusses of its have the intention what next. That’s why during using mobile phone or when you watch some interesting thing on phone or brain release dopamine hormone.

It’s Increases the risk of getting Cancer ,👉Bad effect of mobile phone

The effect

                   of the blue light transmit from the mobile phone is not only to reduce the secretion of the hormone melatonin, but also to stop the secretion of all other hormones. As a result, the volume of anti-oxidants in the body is decrease gradually. Incidentally, anti-oxidants are a powerful ingredient of the body that removes toxic substances from the body which reduces or give the facility to chances of cancer cells being born. That’s why if you want to prevent or keep yourself from cancer away. You have to reduce your mobile phone using. If you will not stop to reduce then it will too much danger!

Mobile phones and infertility

Several studies have discovered that excessive using of mobile phones which is the causes of reduces sperm count. At the same time, there is the bigger a change in the body that there are many problems will appear in a baby. In fact, those type of radiation damages the sperm-producing cells to such an extent that the quality of sperm begins to decline. That is why this change happens in human body. Incidentally, researchers at the Center for Reproductive Medicine conducted an experiment to learn more about the harmful aspects of mobile phones.

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This researcher collected sperm from 32 men and placed a mobile phone next to them to see the effect of radiation on semen oi f human body. During this excitement so, they noticed that the quality of the sperm is much going lower than it was before the mobile phone was installed. So if you want to be a father of or want to be keep your generation alive in word, do not forget to use the phone too much.

Don’t forget to put the phone in the undergarments

A study by Breast link found that mobile phones are directly to appear linked to breast cancer. But where exactly is that? During the research, researchers noticed that placing the phone in
had a serious effect on radiation in certain parts of the body, especially in the breasts. If this continues for a long time, then there is danger. Because in that case the risk of getting breast cancer increases. Bad effect of mobile phone

The retina is severely damaged.
When using a mobile phone in night or darken address, its blue light begins to reduce the performance of the retina. If this continues running for a long period, the risk of vision loss also increases and 6/6 will be loss. Also have the chance to lost color vision. So if you don’t want to be blind at an early age or want lost your eye comport. To prevent your from blind at early stage then make it a habit to keep the phone away from you and also prevent your child or family. Start from today go to bed from early & release the uneven uses of mobile phone.

So be careful now. Because it is up to you to maintain your health which has Bad effect of mobile phone.

Bad effect of mobile phone,

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