Best Digital Marketer Adnan Neel

Best Digital Marketer Adnan Neel

Adnan Neel



Short Introduction:

Name : Adnan  Neel 

Rhythm Name : Akash

Place of Birth : MR. ADNAN NEEL was born in DHAKA at Gazipur but his home district is Noakhali at the village of Binodpur.

Education : He passed the SSC exam in 2017 from Meh Arif School and College. After finishing his SSC, he took admission to Noakhali govt college and passed HSC in 2019. Then he decided to read about computer science because he  admitted to China Computer Science Nanchang University at Jianxi, China  University with the subject of CSC.

Bio-Summary :

Nowadays success is like a deer of the gold, everyone wants to be successful. But all we need to do to be successful is to do it at all or just dream. It is good to dream, but at the same time you need to work hard in the right way. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required for success in life.

It is important to know about those who have been successful. How they started this unforgettable journey, what problems they faced. And how did you reach the highest level of success by solving the problem and taking the inaccessible path?  The more you know about this, the easier your path will be, and the more successive for you.

Today I would like to introduce you  to a person who is a successful digital marketer and web developer  who completed all these without taking Courses. Extraordinary, smart and a successful entrepreneur, he has done a lot of work in the technology sector and Digital Marketing side.

As the Owner of Vabnaloy (Pvt.) LTD, Mr. Adnan Neel is both diligent of his creativity practice and committed to his profession. Now he work in different sector of digital marketing, Such as Affiliate Marketing, YouTube monetizing, Web developing, blogging, boosting, online selling etc.

Firstly, he starts earning some third party apps and he always tries to enrich his knowledge every time. This is true even if it sounds different, he gained all this (nearly 80%) by watching youtube tutorials. Only (except Allah) he can know how much he was see tutorials. By watching tutorials he learn all of these and now he is rapidly increasing his business. Actually all of this happen for a strong mind desire. Adnan says to us, “I’ve faced a lot of shortcomings. But I have always faced everything with a smile. Because Allah loves the patient, and speaking with a smile to my both enemy & friends. So in bad times I have faced everything with a smile and patience.

👉 Here a old probad :-

Tiny tiny sand particles glow point by point, forming the continental ocean abyss.

He said, “I can’t really specify the sector of work. I think every sector online needs mentality and skills to do this work”. As such, He calculate all types of sectors of his online work on average half percent successful. There is no measure of success at the present time. So he always say I’m 50 percent successful. Success for me is the train station that will keep coming one after the other if you continue to work with care. And if you think you have to do something, then you just go to the station but you can’t get off.

He always advice those newcomer,” You have to be honest, talk straight, work with dedication, specialize in special skills and believe in smart work. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you fail to be proficient in a particular task then try to maintain networking. Relationships with people are now a kind of great skill.

One minute of time cannot be wasted for newcomers. If you are a Muslim, you have to pray and work with patience. It is possible to become proficient in various online sectors by watching the tutorials of Google and YouTube  this way he become best Digital Marketer known as Adnan Neel.

Good luck to everyone.”

He always likes to help others in this sector whose wants to become like him. If you want to contact him to get help, you can talk with him.

Facebook ID 👉.Best Digital Marketer Adnan Neel

In this way he built his career and become a successful Digital Marketer. Everything that didn’t happen suddenly all was the achievement of  hard work.




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