Can Muslims celebrate birthdays?

Is celebrating birthday parties permissible in Islam?

Can Muslims celebrate birthdays? Similar question is asked by Aisha from Chicago USA. Assalamu alaikum alaikum, if celebrating birthday is not permissible in Islam because of the un-Islamic activities done. Then can we call our friends on the birthday Have an Islamic lecture and Islamic activities.

A question on the similar topic. My name is Abdul Moiys. I’m from Indian, illegally occupied Kashmir. My question to you is, wher wishing birthday to someone is permissible in Islam or not?

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So all these three questions related to birthdays. The first question is it permissible to celebrate birthdays? The second is that can we if the activities are not Islamic? And we have a birthday party with Islamic activities? And the third is can we wish happy birthday to others? As far as birthday is concerned, our beloved prophet Muslim said that there are only two festivals in Islam. Two annual festivals. They are the eids. The Eid-ul Fitter and Eid-ul Azha.  

Ahl al-Ḥadith
Ahl al-Ḥadith


The first is after Ramzan ends. Then it Eid-ul Fitter and the second is Eid-ul Azha that we have the ease of sacrifice. These two are the only ease that annual Eid’s is there. That is permissible to celebrate. And the prophet also mentioned that the weekly is is on Friday. So the one week lead and two annually eids. These are the celebration. So any celebration which is celebrated annually every year is against the religion of Islam. Except these two the ‘Eid-ul-fitter and eid-ul Azha other that’s the either the isle of sacrifice. Birthday is more of a western culture. And people celebrate it. It is not an Islamic culture and it is against the teachings of Islam. So therefore, it is not permissible. Any any celebration which is done on an annual basis. Whether it be wedding anniversary, whether it be valentine day, whether it be mother’s day or whether it be teacher’s day, all these type of days or annual celebration except for the two Eid’s, others are not permissible in Islam. Can Muslims celebrate birthdays?


If you have a normal party for graduation. No problem if you have a marriage and you have a party and a celebration for marriage. As long as nothing haram is done in that celebration is permitted. So celebrating things, which are good, likes marriage or graduation at one time. No problem but making it an annual affair you start saying I will have wedding anniversary. So this is not permissible Islam. This is the main basic ruling. There are other reasons why they’re permitted. Many of the things that are done on birthday. It is against the teaching of Islam. If you go back to the history of this birthday cake. How did you originate.    Topic today “Why we don’t celebrate birthdays in Islam?”

Is it haram wishing merry Christmas
Is it haram wishing merry Christmas

Is it haram to say happy birthday?

We come to know it is from the time of the Greeks. And at that time in the olden days they made cake which was honey cake, which was round in shape to resemble a moon for worshipping moon board. It was round honey cake, resembling a moon and they put candles on it. So this was in reverence to the moon god. Then we have, if you’re in history we come to know. That in Germany, the bakery in 15th century they used to bake cakes. It became common then you have the roman history. And so on so forth. Today we have they put candles. And depending upon how old are you. If you’re 10 years old they put 10 candles, if you’re 20 years old, you put 20 candles or sometimes they put one additional candle to say that you’re going to spend one more year.

Is cutting cake on birthday Haram(Nearable thoughts)

There are there are many ideologies. Many superstitions then people they wish and then they blow the candles. You know, though people talk of being hygienic. Normally when you blow the candle and you blow on the cake. According to research when you blow on the cake. The cake has 14 times more germs on it. Before it was grown. So imagine we talk about hygiene but we grow the we blow the candles. The candles kept on the cake. And there are germ going on with the cake. And we serve that cake to everyone. We talk about hygiene, talk about sands but this is all unhygienic. There are various other activities associated with birthday, which may be haram for example today most of the birthday parties they involve music. Which is haram? They may involve dancing, which is haram. There may be obscenity, which is haram. So many activities involved, are against the teaching of Quran and Sunnah. But the basic thing is celebrating itself with haram. Second reasoning because activities may be haram. The question posed is that what if we do not have any haram activities. And we have a birthday party and give Islamic lecture.

Is it haram to celebrate birthday(Random ask)

Is it permissible? Giving Islamic lecture is good. You can do it anytime of the year, on any day of the year but specifically selecting that I was born on this day. 19th of September and I will have an Islamic lecture because I was born on this day. This again is not permissible. Having Islamic lecture any day is permissible but having every year only on that one particular day. It is not permissible. Furthermore many a times birthday celebrations involve celebration of spiritual leaders, of messengers. Like Jesus Christ peace be upon him this this leads to shirk. It may involve celebration of celebrities or famous personalities this leads to hero worship. All this is against the teaching of Islam. Regarding the last question that is it permissible to wish someone happy birthday when celebrating birthday. It is not permissible. So what is the question of wishing someone happy birthday. Normally when a person is born on a particular day, the lifespan of every human being has already been determined by Allah subhana tawala.

Can Muslims celebrate birthdays?(Also thoughts)

When a birthday comes, he is going to live for one year less. So is it a point to celebrate or is there a point to moon. So there is no concept, it is illogical that you are wishing someone happy birthday. Because he has become 20 years old or 30 years old. In fact he is going closer to his grave. Irrespective whether going closer to the grave or not, celebrating birthday per se is not permitted in Islam. Whether even if it includes activities which Islamic celebrating per se is not permitted. And as I mentioned earlier that with most of the birthdays that we have today. It is associated with shirk, with associated with Islamic activities with music, with dance that’s the reason my advice to the Muslim brothers and sisters to the Muslim children is that. We should stay away from such cultures which against Islam. Against the teaching of the Quran and the sunnah. And we should not celebrate these annual events. Which is not part of the Islamic culture and Islamic teaching?

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Can Muslims celebrate birthdays?

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