Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily


Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily

Google account opening rules :

Most people who use the Internet have a Gmail account. This Gmail account is basically a Google Account. With this one account Google’s various products such as Blogger, YouTube, Google Plus, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Show sides, Google Sheets, Google Wallet, Google Nebula. Not only that, for those who use Android phone, Google account is essential if they want to download apps or games from Google Play Store. For those who use Yahoo Mail or other mail and do not use Gmail, open a Gmail or Google account immediately.

Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily
Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily

 Requirement to create an account

01. Google Account,
02. YouTube account,
03. YouTube channel,
04. Mobile phone with good resolution video camera or high megapixel camera,
05. Google AdSense account,
06. Desktop or laptop and
07. Video editing tool.

Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily

Below are the steps to open a Google account:

01. To open a Google Account, go to and click on the Create Account link below.
02. This will bring up the Google Account Opening Form. Enter your name, username, password, date of birth, mobile number and e-mail address (if any other mail account is open, you have to enter it).
03. Prove by typing captcha that you are human, not machine.
04. Read Google’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and tick it to go to the next step.
05. Select a beautiful picture of yourself for profile and go to the next step.
06. Finish the process of creating your Google Account by clicking on Get Started.

YouTube account opening rules:

If you have a Google account, you will no longer need to open a YouTube account. If you go to the main page of YouTube and click on the link named sign-in at the top right, Google Account page will come up. Login here with your Google Account ID and password. Now you will see some changes on the main page. For example, you will see some new menus in the left side panel in the new option called Subscriptions next to the Home and Trending options above. These are Subscriptions, History, Watch Letters, Liked Videos and Manage Subscriptions Links.

Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily

Rules for opening a YouTube channel

First go to the YouTube website and click on the sign in link from the top right corner and login with your Google ID and password. If you do not see any panel on the left, click on the three horizontally marked icons (hamburger icons) next to the YouTube logo at the top left to show the panel on the left. Follow the steps below to open a YouTube channel.
01. First you have to click on My Channel under the Home menu.
02. This will bring up a window with the title Set up your channel on YouTube.
03. Check that your pictures and other information are provided correctly here. The information provided when opening a Google Account will show up here. If all goes well, click the Continue button.
04. You can then set the logo or icon for the channel on the left of the next page.
05. Clicking on the box will bring up the option to select the image as a channel icon.
07. Browse from the computer’s hard disk here and give a good looking picture.
07. Then crop and save the image as required in the option to resize.
07. Now write something briefly about the profile and save it.
09. Click on the blue button called Add channel art in the middle at the top, select an image and save it as channel art (it’s a lot like a Facebook cover page).
Enhance the beauty of YouTube channels by setting channel icons and channel art with different images of your choice. Write  some unique description for visitors.

Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily



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