Earning money from youtube channel


Earning money from youtube channel

The fact that you can earn money from YouTube is unknown to many. Many people know how to make money, but they have no idea how to do it. Again, some people know how to make money on YouTube and are preparing for work, but are suffering from a lack of proper guidance. So this cover report has been sorted out from the beginning to the end of YouTube and the nuances of making money from it. So the article will serve as a guide on income from YouTube.
It’s hard to find people who haven’t heard of YouTube. When it comes to watching videos online, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. As the world’s largest video sharing site, YouTube is far ahead of other video sharing sites. With millions of regular visitors, this social media site is constantly gaining more credibility. Not just for entertainment, this site has started a renaissance by exposing the various irregularities, degradation, crimes, conspiracies etc. of the society to the public. YouTube is not far behind in the spread of advertising as well as social media on TV media. Visitors of various castes and tribes visit this site. Every visitor has their own choice. Some come to be entertained, some come to collect information, some come to know the unknown, some come to raise awareness, some come for commercial purposes. The main goal of our article is how to use YouTube for commercial purposes.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a website for online video sharing, video streaming and live video watching. Anyone here can upload videos for free and open to everyone. Videos uploaded by others can be viewed without interruption and do not cost anything. There is also a system for registering on YouTube and uploading your own videos, saving them online as well as keeping them private so that no one else can watch them. In the world of search engines, YouTube is the second largest and most popular search engine in the world after Google. It’s even bigger than the combined form of Bing, Yahoo and Ask. 3 billion searches are done on YouTube every month.

The history of YouTube.

YouTube was born in the hands of three talented people in a city called San Bramno in the state of California, USA. Founded in February 2005, the company was backed by three former PayPal employees. They are American Chad Harley, Steve Chan of Taiwan and Javed Karim of Bangladeshi descent. Harley studied design at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Steve and Javed studied computer science together at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Javed Karim, co-founder of YouTube, was born on October 26, 1989 in Marseberg, East Germany. Javed Karim’s parents were scientists. His father Naimul Karim was a chemist and his mother Christine Karim was a professor of biochemistry at the University of Minnesota.
Javed Karim came up with the idea of ​​the first online video sharing platform. He said in an interview that a video clip of musician Janet Jackson in 2004 was not found even after searching a lot online. Then Chimatma is a website where everyone can share videos without any hassle. In other words, by sharing a video from one place, it can be delivered instantly to every net user in the world. Chad and Steve joined him in implementing his idea.
Three talented friends ready for ideas and work. But they did not have the money to run such a large site. Fate was also helpful. So an organization called Sequoia Capital extended a helping hand to them. The company had invested 11.5 million in the project. The Youtube.com domain was registered on February 14, 2005, World Love Day. Then the work of making the website was completed on April 23 of the same year. The first YouTube video was uploaded on the same day. The video was uploaded by Javed Karim, titled Me At The Zoo. If you search on YouTube, you will still see it. It has been viewed 3,15,98,364 times. About 2,22,198 comments have been made so far 4,62,64 likes and 23,022 likes.
Google turned its attention to YouTube, which became very popular in less than a year. On November 13, 2006, Google bought all of YouTube’s shares for 1.65 billion. The three founders became millionaires overnight. YouTube is currently under Google. YouTube began broadcasting live in March 2010. Sports or any important event can now be seen live on YouTube.

Who earns income from YouTube?

Currently, there is a lot of writing on various blogs, forums, Facebook on various topics to easily make money online. There are also articles that say that a new freelancer has become the owner of a lot of money by freelancing overnight. He opened an account in the morning and earned many dollars in the afternoon. There is a lot of false information on the internet. Many people are getting confused due to these false and fabricated stories. It is very easy to make money on the internet, this is completely false. However, it is possible to make a lot of money from the Internet. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of effort to make money on the internet. Only then it is possible to earn a lot here. Those who think that it is very easy to earn money from YouTube, their idea is wrong. If you want to make money from YouTube, you have to have talent, creativity, ability, patience, honesty and the mentality to work hard. So before making money from YouTube, ask yourself, do you have that mindset, ability and courage?
If so, just go this route. If you want to make money online easily, then YouTube is not for you.
Is income from YouTube true or false?
A lot is known about YouTube. Let’s come to the real context.
Is it at all possible to make money from YouTube? It is true that you can earn money from YouTube. But the question arises in everyone’s mind about how. Many people get confused due to misinformation and false news and fail to earn money from it. This is written to remove this barrier of right and wrong.
Many videos are uploaded here constantly. Some may upload their own or the band’s music videos, while others may make promotional videos of company products. Someone uploaded a funny funny video again. Again someone does instructive videos. But how to earn from this? Since all videos are free to watch? Not actually from the video or because of watching the video. It is actually possible to earn money for the advertisement that is seen while watching the video. When watching videos on YouTube, you will notice that not all videos have ads. Advertising will only be shown if someone approves to show ads on their channel. And a portion of Google’s revenue from that ad is given to the channel’s owner. This is primarily a part of Google AdSense.
Simply put, uploading videos to YouTube is a way to make money by making your own videos popular. Many people think, the question is, how to make money by uploading videos on YouTube? Earlier, videos could be viewed on YouTube without any hassle. There were no ads in the video. But since the video started being advertised on YouTube, the video shows are a bit annoying. But this opens up a whole new door of online income. In most cases, advertisements for different products can be seen at different times at the bottom of the video. And you can earn money through this advertisement. The more views your video gets, the more money will be credited to the account. In other words, the more views your uploaded video has, the higher the revenue. Ads on YouTube videos may pop up, appear as a floating window, or an ad may appear before the video you want to watch, and the original video will appear when you have finished watching it.
Some essential words related to YouTube
Before making money from YouTube, you need to know the meaning of some words related to YouTube. It will be quite convenient for newcomers to work. Briefly highlighted some of the content on YouTube.


The quality of a video posted on YouTube can be roughly estimated by looking at the number of likes or views on the video. But based on the comments made on YouTube, it is possible to fully understand the quality of the video. Users make various comments while watching the video. Some praise, some say bad things. One should not think that everyone will appreciate it. So you have to answer each question in a nice way, so that the reader can understand the comment and come back to watch the video on the channel. Negative comments need to be reasoned so that the viewer’s misconception is shattered. If there is any mistake in the video, it is better to admit it. It can gain the confidence of the viewers. Comments, however, help to increase the rank or popularity of the channel. So the comment has to be thought of as Lakshmi, whether it is good or bad.


There is talk of propaganda. The more publicity your video gets, the more views it gets. So you need to create as many backlinks as possible. For this, you have to share the link of the video on various blog posts, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. However, it is necessary to share thematically and strategically without sharing randomly. Remember, no one thinks link sharing is spamming. It can also be a bad idea for many people about the YouTube channel. As a result, there is a possibility of reversal. However, targeting the target audience must increase the share. The link must be delivered to them.
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Like or Dislike:

Like Facebook, YouTube also has a like option. If you don’t like the video, there is also a dislike button. Any user can use these two options. Video rankings largely depend on likes and dislikes. The more likes you get, the sooner you will be able to watch the video in the search results.

Copyright: Earning money from youtube channel

YouTube authorities are very strict about copyright. You should not download and upload someone else’s video to the channel. Because, copyrighted videos do not allow YouTube to publish. Authorities may temporarily block the channel due to copyright issues.
False View:
Many YouTube channel owners increase the view by repeatedly playing the video with their ID. This can be counterproductive. YouTube authorities are not so stupid. This may ban the account.
To get good results in search, you need to use the correct keywords of the relevant topic before uploading the video. Because, everyone finds something by typing the subject first in the search. Keywords need to be used to guess exactly what viewers will use in the search. This is very important. It is better not to use irrelevant keywords.
Ways to earn money from YouTube
Most people use YouTube as a completely fun food. But people who use YouTube all the time just for fun don’t know that these videos you upload can easily be a source of income. By following some very simple general rules, you can earn money very quickly from any field of online income from YouTube. Just know the right way of income. Now you can see the ways in which you can earn money from YouTube.

Earning money from youtube channel

Method 1: YouTube Monetization

Earnings from YouTube monetization is the easiest and most popular method. As mentioned earlier, YouTube is a service of Google. Again Google AdSense and Google. So Google has a lot of dominance over YouTube. Applying Google AdSense for a blog is very difficult. But with a few good quality short videos you can get an AdSense account. Maybe in the future there will be some restrictions. But so far, getting Google AdSense on YouTube is easy. Many of those who earn from YouTube are lakhs, while some of them are also earning crores of rupees.
You need to apply for Google AdSense through YouTube channel for YouTube monetization. Ads and money can be found in the video through this AdSense. After logging in to YouTube, click on Monetization option from Channel menu on the left side and activate Monetization from Enable Monetization button on the right side. Then at the bottom you will find another option called How Will Paid. There, click on associate an AdSense account, click Next, login with your Gmail ID and enter all the information, then your AdSense Request will be gone. Now in 2-3 days your AdSense Approve mail will arrive in your inbox. However, before enabling AdSense, the channel must have some quality own videos.

Way 2: Product Review and Affiliate Marketing

Product reviews and affiliate marketing are another source of income from YouTube. In this, you have to review the videos of different types of products and give the link of that product in the video description. After watching the video review, if someone clicks on that link and goes to the e-commerce site and buys that product, the video uploader gets some commission. In this case, many people affiliate their products on Amazon, eBay or any other affiliate network. In this way you can easily earn a lot of money in a month at a very low cost or without any cost.

Earning money from youtube channel

Way 3: YouTube Partner

There are currently more than 15,000 YouTube partners worldwide. Partners display ads overlay video rentals and share the revenue with YouTube. For those who can do video overlay, big companies often offer them jobs as video marketers. They make a lot of money by making special videos for specific brands. To become a YouTube Partner, you can see the YouTube Channel by clicking on My Channel in the left side option of the channel you have created. Click on the option called Video Manager above the channel name. Now after clicking on the channel option on the left side, you have to verify the partner with the mobile number from the partner next to your name on the right side. You cannot monetize your videos without Partner Verified.

Way-4: Sell own products

Suppose you have a clothing store. You can make some videos with the specialty of different designs of clothes in the shop. Upload these video clips to YouTube, much like a TV ad. Advertising on TV or print media is quite expensive. There is a huge opportunity to market your product for free on YouTube. The question that may come to your mind is, how many people will buy your product after watching the video? If a YouTube channel can be made popular, it is possible to increase the number of its visitors a lot. Before buying a product, the first choice of many is to see a review of that product on YouTube. So if you can increase the number of visitors, you don’t have to worry about selling the product.

Earning money from youtube channel

Way 5: Selling video description links

When your channel is very popular and has a lot of visitors, you can sell video description links. Suppose you have a very popular YouTube channel with mobile phone and accessories reviews. Now the person who sells such products can offer you a certain amount of money to give his store link in your video description. In this way, the marketing of his product and some of your income. If you can do good search engine optimization or SEO, you can earn good money by selling links. You can sell a link on a one-time or long-term basis, which will be in your video description for a temporary period or for a longer period.
There are a few more ways to make money from YouTube. But the biggest thing is the working mentality. If you work regularly, you can earn any way. Or you will find a better way to Earning money from youtube channel.

Earning money from youtube channel

YouTube channel
YouTube is currently the most popular video sharing website. There is no pairing on YouTube that makes it easy to watch videos from anywhere in the world and share your own videos with others. You can search for videos by going to the main page of YouTube. Many people may not know – the biggest attraction of YouTube is its various channels. Channels bring together user-uploaded videos, favorite videos, playlists, and more. If you create a YouTube channel, other users can then become subscribers to that channel. Then customers can find out immediately when a new video from the channel creator is uploaded or an update is posted. All the big organizations have online channels, where they share their videos. Writers write or blog online. In that case web content is text and image. But in the case of YouTube, web content is video. So uploading videos to increase its publicity and promotion is called video blogging or Blogging for short, YouTube channels are called and the video you are uploading.
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Earning money from youtube channel

Earning money from youtube chann


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