History of cyanide and taste of cyanide


What does cyanide poison actually taste like?


History of cyanide and taste of cyanide in world. There is no shortage of enthusiasm in the detective literature on cyanide. Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie, the famous detective writers have mixed cyanide in their stories, albeit a little. People talk about this famous poison. There are also rumors that people fall into the lap of death as soon as they put cyanide in their mouths, no one can say what it tastes like. He died before he could say that. One of the most common rumors is that someone went to test the cyanide with a pen in hand, but he died shortly after writing the word ‘S’. ‘S’ can also be Sour or Sweet, even Salty. This is the highest human knowledge of the taste of cyanide. But is that really the case?

Is it haram wishing merry Christmas
Is it haram wishing merry Christmas

Taste of cyanide:


In 2006, the incident took place in Palakkad district of the Indian state of Kerala. Police received news that a goldsmith named Aslo Prasad had committed suicide. Because? He bought fake gold jewelery a few days ago, and had to borrow it from the bank to buy it. In the end, this goldsmith has chosen the path of suicide by being deceived by fake jewelery. But Prasad did an unimaginable thing before his death. Breaking the legend of science so far, no one could tell the taste of cyanide. Not only did Prasad write down the taste of cyanide, but he also wrote a short note to the doctors, and died right after that.


Prasad did not have to go far to get cyanide, cyanide is a widely used substance for gold extraction. Prasad put the cyanide in a large container and poured some alcohol into it, then dipped a small part of the back of the writing pen into it. Then he put his tongue in the pen and started writing his letter.


“Doctor, this is potassium cyanide. I tasted it. It starts slowly, and then the irritation starts, after a while the whole tongue becomes stiff. The taste is very bitter… I read a detective novel where a man is killed by cyanide. The killer puts cyanide on the pages of a book, and whenever he touches his hand on the tongue while turning the pages of the book, he dies, and no one can suspect this. I now realize that it is easy to kill someone. “

History of cyanide and taste of cyanide

Prasad’s autopsy doctor PB Gujral commented, “We now know what cyanide tastes like. His suicide note is a document. No one has been able to say before what cyanide tastes like. ” The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a monthly payment of Rs 1 lakh for Prasad’s family.


A few years before this incident, a scientist went to test the taste of cyanide, but he died before he could say anything. Another scientist died before he could do the same.


How does cyanide work?


Simply put, cyanide prevents cells from producing energy from oxygen. The cyanide ion (CN-) binds to the iron in the mitochondrial cytochrome C and binds it. As a result, cytochrome c oxidase cannot transport electrons to oxygen. The mitochondria also fail to make ATP because they cannot use oxygen. Failing to produce energy, the heart muscle and nerve cells quickly deplete their energy and begin to die. If enough important cells die, you too will die.

Allah has better plan for you
allah has better plan for you

How toxic is cyanide?


It depends on the condition in which the cyanide enters the body. Inhaled cyanide gas is more deadly than hard or liquid cyanide entering the body through the mouth. More than 3 milligrams of cyanide per liter can kill an adult in a few milliseconds. However, cyanide is not the most toxic substance. Sarin gas used in World War II, botulinum toxin produced as a result of food poisoning, and even mercury are more toxic than cyanide.


Cyanide is a widely used ingredient in gold extraction. It is also used in medicine. Diabetic patients are given a small amount of cyanide when they need to lower their blood pressure in an emergency. It was also used in Japan during World War I to treat tuberculosis and epilepsy. Cyanide is also a widely used ingredient as a pesticide. History of cyanide and taste of cyanide in this univers.

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