Hydrographic Survey (know the world ๐ŸŒŽ)

Hydrographic Survey Hydrographic Survey in World ๐ŸŒŽ

I am going to start statics blog about two story of surgery love. Which is create friend on my practical survey season. How you guys read it carefully and attentively. Actually I am survey recorder and our organization is authorized from IHO. The task of this branch is highly demanded for each and every country. Itโ€™s directly connected with the economically state of a country. The genuine task of this branch produce chart. They not only produce chart but also they accusations data. Totally it’s always maintain and updates the pilot of the sail. Those country whom economic directly connected with the sea.

Importance of hydrographic survey

Actually there economic wheel running by the transporting cargo from her and there. Where transporting cost is more low then air or by route. Thatโ€™s why sea is highly comparable for each and every country to running there economical wheel. Here is the main reason to provide chart ๐Ÿ“‰ by which a ship or cargo ๐Ÿšข easily go here and there. ย 

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Is it haram wishing merry Christmas

Whom connected with these task?

Now I think all want ask that whom are do these and how to recruit them. How a person can join those are interest. So let’s start, actually sea โ›ต generally of a country are under the control of NAVY those country. And generally those country Navy produce chart. Not only Navy but also IWTA had maintain this. Actually those country hydrographic and oceanographic center are authorized by IHO, they can publish ๐Ÿ“ˆ chart intentionally. So, most of the country have defence force.

Whom have this?

Generally those are country depend on โ›ต sea, they must have naval base. There have a brace of this force whom are known as Hydrographic Department. There have two session or two types one of them is survey recorder and other is hydrographer. Actually both of are hydrographer but call as them there rank. That’s why they are call of make is different. Each person whom are connected with this brace they are generally read about hydrology, metrology, about the related education of Hydrographic Department. They learn about it and they practically do it which need to actual ground. They also learn about how to Measure a place or area. That have an clear idea about total station, theodolite, level machine etc.

Objectives of hydrographic survey

Some of training complex of Hydrographic Department are authorized by IHO. Such as Indian international Hydrographic school, Goa. As a hydrographer they have to learn both technical and practical. They need to increase their experience about software and practical side. Because of after pre-phase of survey field area they need to go there and collect the accusations data. Completing accusations, they have processing it to create chart. Hydrographic Department is a department which is both exciting in practically and technically. But when you facing troubleshooting, then you can feel how much pressure they have need to take.

Purpose of hydrographic survey

Here will share with you some since which most time happens with them. As defense person, only can hydrator get chance to move here and there for their work. Because the task of themselves is surveying that’s why this is great opportunities. They generally goes the all sea nearable land and sea. Also they have chance to take test of original sea fish ๐Ÿ . It’s not only exciting task but also risky. Sometimes they have to facing the problem of Pirates. That’s why when survey recorder in survey season go for data accusations they always carry arms.

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About system of data accusations;-(Hydrographic Survey)

For the survey, a survey team generally need a transducer, GPS system, system unit laptop ๐Ÿ’ป and some experience survey recorder and also technician. After preparing field sheet, the survey area divided in some blocks sub blocks. And survey survey yeoman divided the survey team as per survey area. They react their place to take data accusations.

After completing survey, they have need to clean the data and not only clean the data but also processing it to produce chart. That main task of it the cartography center.ย  Actually this is a long critical prices to complete. Should you don’t feel about that without do it. Some Hydrographic center whom are authorized by IHO they have to take permission before publish chart.

End of topic about:- Hydrographic Survey


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