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(Today I going to share with you a most attractive story about a postman though his family is so rich and maintain a business of mail. postman is so lazy and  have everything to leads his life shiny but situation make him as hero. he fully turn a society is peach full which once upon a time this society condition was very bad Learn English with Short Stories.  )

Let’s start:-

                  Once upon a time, there was a person who maintain there family business. The business of post office his family maintain since a long time. Actually there business is so long and near able all the state of America they maintain it’s. They leads a shiny life. This business man has a son who is Ibne but he is so lazy. But his father want that he take the part of their business to maintain it. Ibne always like to 😴 💤 sleep. He all-time wants to leads restfulness life. His father never like that’s which he is doing so. That’s why his father decide that he will take training from step 🛑 to step. But Ibne always keep himself away from it. Which make his father so 😡 angry. His father want that he can feel the meaning of life. How to grow myself from beginning as a healthy and sound life.

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This behave make his father so angry:

One day his father call him to talk with him about that. He was so angry because of his son don’t go training. So the business man ask to him why he didn’t take training?
Ibne come to his father and 🪑 sit on chair with a cup of ☕ coffee and delicious snacks. His father ask that question ⁉️ But he says to his father that, “ Dad, we have all things, money home, car 🚗 and everything. So why should I have to do this where ever I can lead life easily and shiny. He talk like this he wants to leads a restful life. But his father never want that and unable to understood him about this, it’s not the mean of actual life 🧬.

That’s why his father takes decision about this: 

The business man tried to understood him. So he takes a dumb decisions. He said, I will send you in Starry land state post office as a postman. Other wise I will not denies you from my property. To listen that Ibne said to his dad, I am your son dad. I am sure, you are kidding with me! Business man said I am not jocking. I am serious about that. Not only go for as a postman but also you have to deliver more over six thousand mail from your post office. Until complete it, you will not get chance to come 🔙 back home and lost your this shiny life. That’s why Ibne accept his father decision. The next day, he 🧳 travel for starry land state. Which place is so far from his home state. He goes there by traveling 🚃 train, horse 🚜 vehicle, and ship.

Learn English with Short Stories

Starry land is a place where full of fighting, quarrelling etc. where have bell, everyone always be ready to fight when someone ring the bell. If anyone suddenly ring the bell, all personnel of the land the including child is also appear with the fight. They said that’s it’s there Genealogy which comes from Ancestors. This group is divided into two sides. And both of side are control their leader. They always want to maintain that. And there is no system running there for education, well transportation, and a lot problem the facing regular. But they never think about to it solve it. They all time like to fight with their enemy or their neighborhood. Not only adult personnel but also Childs are affected with this. Even children fight with their neighbor friends. Their parents didn’t send them school. And their area is full of arsenal.

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Learn English with Short Stories

Now come to the point the businessman are known all this and send his son to complete his condition attend with the place. So Ibne finally reached their by passing all troubleshooting. He passes the open sea with help of ship which only for use as their family mail transfer from here to there. When he reached there, he notice about the place full of arsenal. All the personnel are looking so crazy and angry. Almost the age personnel are same quality. everyone are busy to lose one each other. He round the place with captain of the ship. Actually he helps to Ibne to reach his post office. Suddenly Ibne eyes fall in the bell. And ask to captain, why this bell is here. Captain said if you have the interest know the bell of the place then lets ring it know about it. Ibne ring the bell with white mind.

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