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A letter send to elder brother

I am a very simple boy. I spent most of my school life at school and at home. When I was 7 years old, my family decided to enroll me in school. So my little uncle took me to school for admission. Then it was towards the end of the year. Others go inside the school. Than it’s didn’t a lot of time but his brother does not become good. That he send an and to his brother. The SMS is:- that’s letter send to his elder brother.

Dear Brother

Brother assalamualaikum, hope you are well. Dad died many days today. I don’t disagree with the fact that Family doesn’t care about anything or you don’t want to keep it. But don’t do anything for which someone dares to point a finger at the dead father or family. Again my sister is an already bigger hue. Observe first what he likes throughout the month, what kind of waste he gets. After the next two or three years, he will have to leave for his farewell, his tension also took a little. Now there is no father, no one will come and ask what his father does, first he will tell what his elder brother does. Then someone else will think of flowers. Now he not only sees the girl, but also the family. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Now you see, it depends on you, what will be the future of Puspa, or what kind of house he will go to. As you behave at home, it will push you away before you see it in danger.

With sadness fill🥺🥺


Do not accept such behavior at this age. If there is anything in the bot tree of the family, it is an immediate big man. Where you are supposed to comfort us, I feel sorry for you, but I did not say anything. I know you can’t afford it. So what happened, you could give comfort with good use! No, I don’t call when you call, when you go home you don’t ask how you are, what’s the news. Rather turn away. I work but I don’t know how I spend my days. There is also the fact that after the death of my father, I have to spend 500 rupees a month to balance thake na money bag a. God knows how I have spent the last 4 months. And the only thing left is the trouble, the only thing I can say is the defense service.

A letter send to elder brother to realize the meaning of job.

This is called bloody bastard service. God knows how many nights I have not lost. The bride seems to be under the open sky in winter. It hurts when I hear you are affected by a fight at home, talking to him about it, telling him about it, these push yourself away from others. And there was the judgment of the elder brother-in-law! Think a little before, why elder uncle used that, and for whom. The father who is sick instead of will give justice to the one who takes out the money from himself, to the elder brother-in-la who tickles when the father is sick, he also speaks in full. Whose house is his kingdom, nothing but foolishness to show his own carelessness in the kingdom of others.  Grandma wants to share for you, so first see if you can take a month’s worth of medicine, adoption, the ability to provide accommodation.

Last word letter to elder brother



Learn English with Short Stories
Learn English with Short Stories

Than said to take. You’re a big brother, but you don’t know how to take care of the little ones. If we are arrogant, it is up to you to break your anger, to comfort you, you are not doing that, but you are arrogant yourself. I will not say anything that will take care of us, I will not say anything. Please never do anything which harm for family. So that your little sister’s future will not be harm.

Main theme of the letter;-

Actually it’s send only to get attention of his brother to become successive in life. Our life is too short but we want to make mortal. But when ever Allah say in Quran, every creatures will take the tare of death. May Allah forgive us. Never target future in this universe, target it to Akhirah. Only Allah can save us from Jahannam. From now target to goal for Jannah. Read Mansi l namaj always, never tell life l lie because of its a major (kabirah) sin.

Always try to help others. Not only for human but also every creatures site your gratefulness. Take care of your family member. Specially your parents because of your parents is the second honorable person. Who always think about your good not for their own. Try your best to take care of their self. Only your parents who want your well. They less their whole life by thinking yourself how to grow up yourself shiny. May Allah help us those universe, present and future letter to elder brother. never judge a book by its cover because of no one is better than other. Every one has foul in their character. Be positive think positive and always be happy. Try to help each other to leave in beautiful world happy.

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