Migration to Non Muslim Countries which is not permissible

Can Muslim migrate from Muslim country to non-Muslim country?

The next question, from Naveed Hamid and Afghan immigrant living in Canada. I have a question about living in a non-Muslim country. I live in Brampton Canada. Where can the best way  I practice Islam ? We have mosque nearby.  I got all the facilities in terms of clothing and maintain Islam.

Is it Permissible to Migrate to a Non Muslim Country for a Better Life– Dr Zakir Naik
Is it Permissible to Migrate to a Non Muslim Country for a Better Life? – Dr. Zakir Naik

Do I still have to make hijr Muslim country? My father is a well follower of Islam. Recommends me to take a decision to make hijr to a Muslim country. I would appreciate to get a reply from you.

A similar question is posed, by sad can Mississauga Canada. In your talks they have emphasized not to migrate to non-Muslim countries. Like North America. Though I was growing in the Middle East. I couldn’t continue because no one is allowed to stay there because of citizenship. In Pakistan there is no Sharia law. So is it permissible for us to migrate in such a situation to a non-Muslim country. Where a life is safe. And we can practice our religion.

Is it permissible to move from one Muslim country to another non-Muslim country for a better life?⇓

A similar question is posed by Muhammad Shaiful Islam from Bangladesh. One more similar question by Abdul Minh, Anh residing in Ireland. It’s come on the Facebook just now. DR. Zakir Naik, we love you a lot for the sake of Allah. My question is what is the legal point of view of Muslims staying in our Muslim country.

Question asked by the four brothers. And many similar questions have come. Regarding Muslims staying in a non-Muslim country. This can be divided into two types. A Muslim which is born in a non-Muslim country what he has to do? And a Muslim who migrates from,

Islamic rules for keeping cats at home
Islamic rules for keeping cats at home

Muslim country or non-Muslim country?

Allah sub Hana WA Ta’ala clearly mentioned that and gives us guidance regarding this topic. Allah says in surah nasal chapter number four, verse no. 97, “when the angels of death come take the soul of the person who had died in sin’ against the soul and asked him, what is your state?  And he replies that we have lived in oppression on this planet. Our state was very bad oppressed. Then the angel replies that the earth of Allah sub Hana WA Ta’ala was vicious enough for you to migrate from the evil. For such people Allah continues, the abode is hell. A refuge of evil. And this worse was revealed in context in Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. This was if you read the news value Quran. And people write in bracket. Mentioning for the Muslim living in non-Muslim country. It says that when the angel of death comes to take the soul of the person who has died in sin. Against this whole and asked them, what is the state? The reply we lived in operation on this earth.

Migration to a Muslim Country, Migration to Non Muslim Countries

And the replies that the earth of Allah sub Hana ta’ala were vicious for you to move away from evil. That means the world of Allah’s subhana ta’ala so big. that if you are living in a space, where there is operation, where that is shake, where there is activity with an Islamic, we have to migrate. And if you do not Allah says your abode is hell. Fire a refuge which is evil. Allah will forgive them. Verse no 100 faith that asked to those. Who sacrificed the home and leave the land, Allah sub Hana WA Ta’ala gives them many a refuge in the world. If the person died as a refugee away from motherland. Allah sub Hana WA Ta’ala will reward him. Here Allah subs Hana WA Ta’ala though they do hijr, for the sake of Allah they will peaceful. With those who leave their home for the sake of Allah. And his Horsell and take refuge the land is very big.

He’ll find much refuge. And if we died away from with home as a refugee for the sake of Allah and Raoul. Allah was slowly rewarding but from this verses all the scholars, they agree that. If here about a person is stay in a non-Muslim land.

They gave me three options

Number one option is that he cannot practice his Deen freely but they seemed in hiding me to not accept. If you cannot practice your Deen freely. And you cannot call us freely Muslims. Then it becomes compulsory for you to migrate. Complicity further! If you are living in a country where you cannot practice as the in freely, cannot call ourselves limbs, cannot do your fair eyes, cannot tell from the Haram, in a non-Muslim country. It becomes the first for you to make it Migration to Non Muslim Countries.

Number two if you can practice your Deen very freely. And there is no compulsion on you. You can do all the fries. You can stay away from all the Haram. Then migrating become mustahab but not a fart. But they deliver mustahab from the most of the Quran. So the scholar says, if you are living in a non-Muslim land. Where you can call yourself Muslim freely, practice your Deen. There is no harassment at all. Then migration becomes mustahab but not a further. And for those people who are weak and do not have the means to migrate. Who oppressed women, children, don’t have the power; don’t have the means, for them if they continue to stay. Allah will forgive them. It is permissible.

So these are the three things. Now coming to the question of can a Muslim migrate from a Muslim country to normal slim?

That is another question.

The entire scholar nationally agrees those who own the Quran and Sunnah. I know some scholars say allowed. Especially if you go to Western scholar, they say no problem to migrate from Muslim country to a non-Muslim country. It is Haram unless it before education or for the purpose of dawah. For education purpose, you go your Hawaii education, come back. No problem, or if you go there not as a part-time guy, as a full-time guy, to deliver the message. Then the scholars say it’s permissible. But if you just shift from Muslim land to non-Muslim land. For a better living as the question, opposed it is not permitted at all.

Can a Muslim move to a non Islamic country?
I know there are millions of Muslims who are migrating for Muslim countries from Pakistan, from Bangladesh to Western countries, USA, Canada, European, countries only basically for a better living. They talk about education do you ever come back. The main purpose is for a better living because they can earn more money. This is totally prohibited. Migrating from Muslim country to a non-Muslim country for a better living is private. If you are born in a non-Muslim country then the options are three if you cannot practice your Deen freely, it becomes compulsory to migrate.

If you can practice the Deen freely, it is mustahab to migrate, not a further. I know there are many Muslims more non-Muslim countries a large percentage of the Muslim Ummah. And living in non-Muslim countries. If they are born there. And if they can practice they have been freely. According to me nowadays there are very few countries in the world. Non-Muslim countries in the world where you can actually practice very freely. And that also in those countries it will not be totally freely but to a great extent. And I would agree that amongst the Western countries that available. Canada would be better than the other western country. It Canada’s much better than USA, is much better than other Western countries, in terms for a Muslim to live. Because I’d present, you have prime Minister that is Justin trade who has more care for humanity.

Muslim countries refuse to take Muslim refugees or Migration to Non Muslim Countries.

And who really care for giving equal right to human being. Unlike the other prime minister of other Western countries like France for us etc . . . . So amongst the Western countries, the best of the worst countries would be Canada. But coming to the question what is the reason that Allah sub Hana WA Ta’ala has requested you to make it. What is the reason and a beloved prophet said it’s. Measuring us a hadith of Abu Dawood, word number three, hadith number two, six, four, five and the hadith is mentioned Seibel almoney. The Prophet said I before those Muslims who live amongst the mushrikeen. I disowned those Muslims who live amongst the idolaters. It’s a hadith the Prophet is discerning all the Muslims who live among the mushrikeen.

The reason is two:

Number one is a Muslim may not be able to practice Islam in totality. They may be he can follow some aspects of death. He cannot freely say he’s a Muslim. We cannot freely offer Salah etc. and Migration to Non Muslim Countries.

The second is the Associated factors of that environment is such that. It prevents you from doing the Sunnah and the fries; and takes you closer to the Haram activities. Let me give a bit of explanation. There are very few non-Muslim countries that really you can be proud to be Muslims. And in those countries also certain areas not throughout the country. Secondly one thing you have to understand that almost all the Western countries. That most fear is not very convenient for the Islamic lifestyle. Number one in almost all the Western countries, there is obscenity. The obscenity is coming on your face. There is alcoholism that is drug addiction, there is prostitution and being associated factor is. Most of the countries, most of the places you get involved in the path .it difficult for you to stay away from RIBA.

What you have to realize some people may argue, that okay they live in Muslim countries.

I came with you. There are but the levels differ. You go to a Muslim country I don’t know of any Muslim country in the world. Which is as close as America and obscenity as close as standardized absolutely not at all? Yes there may be. It may be Haram. But the level is less.

Migration to Non Muslim Countries,  And

                 In certain non-Muslim country which I’m not the Western countries. In the obscenity is less depending upon the culture what you have to realize that in the Western country. It is coming at your face glaring. The moment you walk or do you see billboards of ladies which scantily dressed. Which addresses of seem close difficult and emotional offender. You may find but not as much as what you find in the Western countries. So there is no comparison at all. So imagine when you walk you have to lower again. How can you live? I know there are many Muslim live in Western countries. and I’ve been to Western countries, a lot I have traveled, a lot for America ,I have traveled a lot to USA to Canada to Western countries. I agree with my talk. And there are situations where some of the Muslims come. And tell me ok when I came to the western country. I became more Islamic. Possible and that is yes. I agree with possible but that small possibility. The chances of a person a Muslim going away from his Deen is more in the Western countries, Migration to Non Muslim Countries.

Than in the other parts of the world. More in a western country, than a Muslim country .what I have to understand, that there are possibilities, that a person will go from Pakistan to American become more practicing. May start reading, Quran, may start offering Salah, but the percentage is very small.

Which is the strictest Muslim country?( People ask Migration to Non Muslim Countries)

For example  because the Salman Rushdie wrote the book, “The Satanic Verses”. There are thousands of non-Muslims accepted Islam .that does not mean what Salman did is right. For Salman did is to be condemned. That’s the different question that even though it is wrong. In that wrong thing, it has its own benefits. The majority people that go to the Western country. They go away from the Deen, according to the PEW, report and the PEW report, the pure report is supposed to be authentic done by non-Muslims. It says that in USA 25% of the Muslims born in Muslim family. They live their religion every year. Imagine 25% of the Muslims born in a Muslim family every year. Leave the team but the good part of it is equal number of people even come close even accept Islam. So the number of Muslims in USA remains approximately same. The number leaving and number coming a fame that’s a reason the number of Muslims approximately different types. Fix a in a population about 350 million.

Can a Muslim Country Prevent Non-Muslims (similar ask Migration to Non Muslim Countries )

People in USA the Muslims some say 4 million, some say 5, million some say 3 million, some say to my it is approximately 1% but surely not more than 2%. It is close to 1%, 3 million. Imagine 25 percent every year leave them deen. That means a plane is fair. I know so many of the men’s who lived in USA got their citizenship got a green card but they came back. Nobody couldn’t is their family .I know many people tell me because when you go to USA, when you go to Canada, you know there is a Muslim community center. The moment a person goes away from his country or goes away from the people of like-minded any stranger a minority. There a possibility that you make your own community. But that’s a very small possibility. After I will to USA so many times. I have gone to many conferences. What have to realize that what you see is just the outside world? I know many of the good guys whose children have got into drug addiction. Whose children have got into adultery? Into alcoholism, you can’t stop it. It is coming on you. Yes I know, even in Muslim country like Pakistan, Bangladesh people I involved. In all these evils but the percentage is less but Muslims migrating to non-Muslim countries.

Can Muslims settle in kaafir countries for the sake of a better life?

For the questioner to say, there is no Sharia followed in Pakistan as socially as fall in Canada, totally wrong. Between Guyana and bugistan, is a bugistan if man will be a thousand times better than Canada. I know that I evil practice in Pakistan, in Bangladesh. This but yet it is thousand times better than a non-Muslim country. With all the progress only way the non-Muslim country can be better is you may get more money. You may get more luxury. You may be able to drive a Mercedes car but you are very bad businessman. This is only for a few years we live in this world for how long. On average for about 70, 75 years. You may dad the age of 10, 20 as usual 90. Average 70 years but what will happen in the Akhirat. You are sacrificing your luxury if you take pain fear. And sacrifice the luxury here in Akhirah, you will go in Jannah. Thoughts are ask ”  Can a Muslim move to a non Muslim countries?” “Migration to Non Muslim Countries”
So I have an alhamdulillah prevented thousands of Muslims from Pakistan, from Bangladesh to migrate to America. And to Canada, USA. Alhamdulillah thousands of them. So migrating in out of the question if you are born. Then is the question migrating further. Or not but you migrating from a Muslim candidate but non-Muslim country for a better living is totally prohibited.

Even though it may be a country like Canada. It may be better than the other countries. I know there are many refugees going there but yet. What they have to understand that Allah has made it very clear fact. That if you are born in that country then you have option migrate or not. Migration is the best number one. If you cannot follow a didn’t become the fun if you can follow then it became mustahab. Unless you oppressed or weak or no means then it’s permitted. I know many guys today, from USA who wants to come to Malaysia.

Migration to Non-Muslim Countries

I don’t know take the name because they may never fall to others. They spoke to me. On one-to-one level and they want to migrate to Muslim country. And I as I said in my earlier and from one of the best Muslim countries to live today. Amongst all the Muslim countries militia. There are negative points but alhamdulillah as a whole it is the best available. Most of the guys that I know, of they know when I also go to give lectures. The person may be a president of Islamic organization but we know. That his parents come into law or the person is involve these wrong activities. These are haram activities. There were so many girlfriends. He does jianah. That’s not known to the world, jianah is very common. So the percentage of Muslims living in western country doing Jinah is multiple times, more than living in a Muslim country .you cannot compare. There are sins in the Muslim countries but the level in the non-Muslim countries much higher. I know many guys who want to live. There are few guys who promote and say oh I am very happy and because of America. I become a good Muslim. All this is nonsense. They know no the Quran well. They talk about the Quran but according to me don’t they know the verse of this Quran. And the context was Muslims living in non-Muslim land or live in a non-Muslim country.

Surah Nysa chapter for some 97 Allah says “if you live among the mushrikeen you will go to hell.”

It is very clear that how can they say, how can they misguide the people, by saying or America, is very good. It has changed my life what you should do. I am thankful to Allah sub Hana taw’ala. Even staying in America, Allah say this should be a dying not promoting America for what the person which is again is a Muslim. The country which is, I mean the Muslim at the whole how can you promote. Such a country, So these guys have actually I don’t agree with them. At all but every few in percentage-wise a very small number. But the majority of the guys. They win today I mean. I meet them on a personal level. They would love to migrate and some of them are staying. Because okay they want to convey the message. No problem that’s accepted in Islam but for a Muslim to migrate from a Muslim country to non-Muslim country. This according to the scholars is not permitted. Except for education for the particular time of what being a full-time guy. So answer of questions ‘Can Muslims settle in kaafir countries for the sake of Allah”

Hope you get the answer of the question “Migration to Non Muslim Countries”

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