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Now I am going to share with you the third part of the story (THE POSTMAN). Last two days, I share with you the two part of the story. Today this part, how get the chance to complete his condition. if miss the first part than you can read to click on the pictures.( Story for kids in English base on postman)

Learn English with Short Stories
Learn English with Short Stories

Story for kids in English


So he takes the decision he must be go there. And went there to rot. He crossed a lot of path to reach there. Finally when he reached there he saw only one house is located there. Nothing is present there. But he doesn’t hopeless. He goes there and sees and moves here there but nothing is present except this house. He entered very slowly, with great courage. When he entered the house, he saw many old dolls. Even then, he looked around to see if there was anyone. He went to see the old picture a lot. Suddenly he saw a monster-shaped human (who known as Kalus) through the window. Whose shoulder has an axe and continued to come forward at the beginning of home.


Story for kids in English

Ibne afraid to see that’s thing. He tries to left from here. Ibne start run to move but he suddenly fall down here there but nothing is present except this house. He entered very slowly, with great c Even then, he looked snow. In front of Kalus he falls down. Ibne afraid more and just ran away. When a latter ran away just came out from his bag and fall it in front of kalus.  Actually the letter was writing by children. She draw picture about toy which she is playing with this toy. Mr. Kalus see that’s picture and go home with this mail. Here about Ibne when he left just decided he will go from here. And will not come here again. Also said about the condition, if I alive than I achieve one day. He goes to the post office and takes his all item to go away from here. When prepare the entire item to move, and came out from post office, he saw Mr. Kalus stand in front of him. And said to him that where he got the mail. Ibne was so afraid. He said to kalus, “Look, if I give to you the address than leave me alone”.  Kalus accept his condition. He took him to the child home. But in front of home it’s full of trap which can harm anyone. Now Ibne tell, “Now it’s you time, I have to move. Please leave me alone and I will not come back here again.”

Learn English with Short Stories
Learn English with Short Stories

He brings some gift for this child.

Mr. Kalus brings some toy for this child but Ibne didn’t find out its. Why he brings this? Now kalus said to him, “Now that’s delivery to him if brings to him than after release you.” Look him so angrier. But some smiling silo on his face. What can have needed to do, he must be going there to safe himself. Now take the decision to go there. Ibne passes the entire trap to reach in front of the door. But in front of their door, there was two guard sealed dogs present there. And they shout so loudly and they chased him. Ibne run so fast to save himself. This noise awake up the father of the children. Child father take gun and come from his home. At this time when the dogs see the shadow of the kalus. They are afraid. And dogs went from here.  This opportunities they entire the home and hide themselves beside the back wall of their home. When the child father came out, he saw nothing in front of him. Also the dogs are stop shouting and looking afraid.

Story for kids in English

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The gift Threw through the window. This noise also awake up the child. She came down from the upper floor. This child saw a gift box which is later in front of her.  She took it and open it. The child saw a beautiful frog which is made of wood.

There was a key below the frog, if which turn one or two times its jump. The child runs backward of this frog. Mr. Kalus saw all this moment, release a sigh breath. He comes out from the home with Ibne. And he said him, “You may go now to your home. Bye.” To listen this, Ibne just go to his post office. And take a deep sleep. When the child continue play with his toy, she notice that a page also present in the box. She took this and sees this is the page which she was drawing some days ago.

The next day:-

The next day he just awake for some noise. Which was came from some child though are standing in front of the door of the post office. Ibne come out from the post office. And he ask to all, “hey! Children’s why are you shouting?” they said to him, “uncle, we all need toy.” But Ibne told to them, i have nothing, get lost. They said, so why give the toy to another child previous night? To listening that, His eyes rose to his forehead. Oh, yeah! Yeah! If need toy than you have need to send latter to kalus. Mr. Kalus will bring a lot toys for all of you. Than the children’s ask to Ibne, “uncle, how can we send letter to him?” he says, firstly write a letter, put it into a Envelope, than hit stamp above the letter. And give me coin. It’s enough to send a mail. All of them are go to their home and all try to make letter to send it Mr. Kalus.

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The postman story for kids in English.,

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