The attractive story of Hamidar –sumu– Part-1

A story of Hamidar (Sumu) Part-1

    The attractive story of hamidar sunuThe attractive story of Hamidar –sumu– Part-1

The attractive story of Hamidar —

Stinger Anka : ‘Brother, where is your mother land located? He talk in Bengali on the phone, so that I understood you come from Bangladesh.

I was sitting on a bench in Midtown, Green Area. After working with a client of my business, I thought I shall sit down for a cup of coffee. One of the uncounted parks in Manhattan. This green park is small but charming beautiful , quit and tidy. Three sides of Pak have skyscraper and roads and shops, Baniyari office on one side. There are many strong wooden and granite stone bench has been leavening in the park. Wrapped up whole thick tiles, a number of different flower plants on the ground, a combination of greenery Of the this place. And 30-40 feet high trees on three sides have covered the park.

The direct rays

                        of the sun shine get stuck in the barricades of the leaves of the park s tree. The restless charming nature comes down to play hide and seek, but by then its heat has forbidden. But it has spread shine to the park. Adequate light, The occasional chirping of Chikadi and Blackbird and the tolerable noise of traffic floating in the gap create a subtle atmosphere in the park shine. Some time can be easily spent sitting here indifferently. Whenever I come to work for job in this area of Midtown Manhattan, I spend some time sitting here on strong wooden and warped stone bench and tasting the quality of coffee nearby. Actually Life is consists of many small pleasures!

The attractive story

I looked at the questioner where I saw a middle-aged, Bangladeshi lady sitting on a bench beside to me. Shoes with high heels, relaxed fitted jeans and a shirt with a vertical striped tunic, shirt sleeves folded, two gold earrings in one hand and a stylish watch in the other, sunglass is parked on reddish dyed French bob cut hair, furry face make up, uses thickened monotonous pink lipstick on lips, face mask was hanging from the small chin of unwanted time on the chin and have a handbag in the lap.

Islamic rules for keeping cats at home
Islamic rules for keeping cats at home

The lady asked me that previous question with a cute smile. I said, ‘Astoria, Queens.’ He then said, ‘No, no, actually I’m asking you about the mother land.’ I said sister, ‘As a teenager in the luck of mine, I justify Bangladesh three decades ago and became an immigrant in America which far away from my motherland’s. That’s why I have accepted the reality. I appreciate their humanity, opportunities which was I took. I also got the citizenship here. So I have adopted this country now. Today, if anyone asks me about my address, the address here comes first.

The attractive story

He then said, ‘Vaizhan, you are right which you was saying. We Bengalis are just quarrelsome, our minds are narrow, we are just defective behind one another.

Where is the home of Bangladesh? ‘ I said, according to the birthplace is in Bangladesh, if you see a Bengali person, he is a Bangladeshi, at first glance, I think that identity is enough.’

With a heartfelt smile, he said to me, ‘Brother, this season it feels hot, that will make us hot soup I think.’ We both smiled with a glance when we heard that. This summer in New York it is gradually hot, so I talked a little bit about the weather. He then said after that winter in this country is fun & charming, beautiful clothes, fashion hats can be worn, boots can be put. The two of us discuss about the joy of snow raining and agreed we both that snow falling is one of the most beautiful natural views in the world.

The attractive story

Then I asked her, ‘ after then sister, how are you came in New York?’ He smiled with a little unready at the nature of my question and said, ‘Good’ and he started to give introducing her. She said, “Her name is Hamida”, nickname is Sumu. He has been living in the Bronx for the last five years with a Bengali woman. She had previously lived with her husband in the s area of Queens. They each divorce took place seven years ago because of there are mine at up not mach each other. At this moment he stopped and asked, ‘Will you like to eat gum, sugar free gum?’ Sumu take out two pieces of gum from the wrapper of Trident gum from her Michael Corey’s Sarlett bag and he gave me one. Opened the foil and chewed the other piece with joy in her smile.

The attractive story

Sumu started talking again with her about all the glucose chips of Gum. Sumu us a girl who was from old Dhaka, fall in love with a boy (Sajal) from Jamalpur who was studying at Jagannath College since her age of 19. The girl mother died, married without her father permission & move to father in law house in 2001. After two years of marriage, her husband shifted to America then three years later, her husband came back to Bangladesh and brought her to New York. Sumu was in Jamalpur until she came to New York.

He said that

                  her father died after coming to America and they had no contact way with anyone in his ancestral home. This advice given by her father at the time of marriage this boy will give you hope but not to be happy with him. Also said, “Murray, this boy will give hope but not comfort.” Memories of old Dhaka are still visit alive in his mind and he misses his pre-marital life which she leads, childhood friends, various festivals of old Dhaka even the delicious food shik kabab, ghunni, parota, haluya. Then I told to Sumu in words that I had leads my childhood adolescence in Azimpur and & at the time of mine adolescence I make to travel to old Dhaka. I said, I used to spin the yarn well and I was good at Goody’s baggy so many friends from old Dhaka would take me for help. From the time I was in fifth class, I like to cultivate amateur Singaporean guppies, platys, and swordtails fish at home, and most of my class friends from Sheikh Saheb Bazar Road and Old Dhaka class friend come to buy them.

The attractive story

I also told to Sumu about Lalbagh fort, about going to Lalbagh ground to watch cricket in winter, about the enjoyable of playing after rolling down from the high ground of the fort, about the story of the river which is going to the bank of Buriganga river through the tunnel inside the fort, about Chawkbazar, Jonaki, Moon, Roopmahal, Star, Wari Cinema Hall. The case of one of my brothers being suddenly at Lalbagh police station, rickshaw ride from Azimpur to Sadarghat through old Dhaka, Jinjira tour of boat. And some of my friends lived there in old Dhaka. Saying about the rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! I also said about an embarrassing wedding ceremony where dirt was thrown from an open street drain in stead of 🎨.

Sumu said.

                       about this practice in their neighborhood also happened. It was also maintained in his time. He said she had no contact with anyone since childhood, only one school friend lives in California but there was no news after Sumo’s divorce with her friend.

At the moment, I asked him if she would like to take a cup of coffee. Sumu said, ‘Can you have coffee now?’ I told him about the reason of my small pleasure of coming here and enjoying coffee as usual. Sumu told to him, give me more than two spoons of sugar and milk for cup of coffee. I asked to her, ‘Light and sweet?’ He appear in agreement. I said that, ‘It will take a tiny longer for there are limited stores since the Corona-19 virus.’ Sumu asked, ‘Will you stop to take it?’ I reply with a smiled softly, ‘I can’t go without taking coffee!’ Sumu said to me, there is no value about our decision it’s changeable at anytime. We do one thing and say another! ‘

The attractive story

After some time I came back with a cup of coffee and I saarguing talking with someone on the phone. After seeing me, she express a smile of contentment and comfort after the phone was off. I observed her bright green complexion, cut face and a touch of fatigue in her downtrodden hazel eyes but the smile was full of sincerity, a smile full of fun. I gave her a Danish party with coffee. Sumu said, ‘Can that will be again?’ I learned that I always enjoy something like light snacks with coffee like tea with tea. Sumu laughed and started eating coffee and “ta”. Shaking the sugar, he said to me, ‘thank you, many thanks!’ I said, ‘you are welcome!’ Wow, nice! I said this because his beautiful English pronunciation was clear and fluent in just four words. It seems that he practices English which many expatriates do not give much importance to.

The attractive story

While drinking coffee, he asked me where is the future? I told her that she was married but not now, now she is swimming in the sea. He laughed and asked who I live with in Astoria? I said I live alone on the second floor of a house. He said there is a lot of rent now? When I asked Sumu, I described the house and looking at her questioning gaze, I said I like to stay in a big house, it is my vice! Curious Sumu asked, “Doesn’t one feel bad alone?” I said not bad, life is like when I said with a little humor when no one is disturbed by pushing the nose flute. Then he said with a high smile that his brother was a funny man and a little different. He further said that when the Bengalis in New York saw a girl alone, they started asking questions like a guard and silently turned their attention to coffee.

The attractive story

I noticed a slight tinge in Sumu’s face, and I could sense the feeling in his mind. In this exile, most of us Bengalis, when we see one another, do not usually behave in a friendly manner. I don’t think, “Hal Jaja ul Ihsan Illal Ihsan (what can be the reward for good deeds except good deeds)?” Becoming a regional Bengali, the well-wisher Sumna is not a Bengali. In exile, where I will see the “face of Bengal” for a moment in the middle of it, the unfortunate attitude is such that “I breathe without saying anything on the other side of the river, I believe there are some mistakes in that.” Our humanity begins with the vowel and is sad despise of having a neutrality, feeling mutuality. So the “waiter groom” does not stand still for a while. Although I did not make this accusation directly, I shared Sumu’s suffering.

The attractive story

After finishing the coffee, Sumu went back to his previous topic. She said that after coming to New York, she saw her husband driving during the day and drinking and hanging out with friends at night, playing cards and gambling. There is not much attraction towards him. This is the beginning of their monomalinya. They went to Bangladesh in 2009 to do regular “panpan”. There his father-in-law, Sajal, repented and he promised to get better. They have been back for two months. That wandering time was joyful. But after coming back, everything goes back to normal and the unrest continues to grow. Sumur regrets, got married of her own choice but never got a taste of love.

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