Traffic to Website Check


Traffic to Website Check


How to bring free traffic or disruptors to websites and blogs? (My secret tips)

How to bring traffic to the blog? Friends, after creating a website or blog, the most important thing we have to do is to “block blockers or traffic.”

Hope. As I told you earlier, in this article I will tell you some ways or means for a brand new (beginner) in blogging that they will get blog traffic. So this article is a blogger who has just started blogging. It will come in handy.

Traffic to Website Check
Make money by writing online articles

Today, every day thousands of people are creating their own blog using Blogger or WordPress and millions of people are publishing articles on the blog. In this case, 80% of people stop working on the blog after a few days
And in the end, he said in frustration, “It’s not possible to make money from acne ,

Because, they are doing everything from blogging to writing articles. However, they have no idea how to bring visitors or traffic to their blog or how to increase the number of blog visitors in the right way.

Hey, when I created my first blog, I didn’t even know that one.

How important is the traffic or visitors to the blog and how to increase the visitors to the blog.

But, today you all know about my tricky blog “and you are coming to this blog and reading my article. I took the time.
Now, I know everything and my blog traffic is increasing day by day. At the same time, the amount of income from my blog is increasing.

How much money do I earn per month from blogs?

Create YouTube Channel & Earn Money Easily

In the end, I don’t want you to spend 1.5 to 2 years in my opinion just looking for rules to increase traffic to your blog.

Traffic to Website Check

So, I am sharing my 5 year experience with you one by one and telling you one by one about how to get free visitors or traffic to your new blog or website.
We work hard each day to create a blog. I write regular articles in it with more difficulty.
Now, if there is no one to read the articles that we are promoting or publishing through blogs on the internet, then what does it mean to write our blog?

So, all blogger write an article on Their blog with the same purpose. Which is to say, “to read Their articles so that innumerable people or lakes come through different means”.

Once you have registered your blog with Google through the search console, everything you write in the future will automatically be added to the Google search engine.

Traffic to Website Check

Lastly, you need to write an empty, well-placed and SEO friendly article on your blog. In this way, in the articles of your blog, more traffic or visitors will come automatically from Google search.

Use SEO in blog articles

Remember, in order to get more traffic from search engines to a website, you have to write articles using “search engine optimization”. Otherwise, getting a free visit from Google will be very difficult for you.

What does SEO mean?

I have already told you what SEO works on blogs and how to use article for SEO. So, you must read these articles.

how to check website traffic

2. Traffic through social media

Now, a blog or website has various online media, such as “social media”,

(Hey, social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can bring innumerable visitors to your website. Remember, the more social media traffic your blog has, the more search traffic you get from Google search.

This is a distinct benefit of social media traffic so in this case, that process called social media marketing.

Now, To get social media visitor what do you need to do to get traffic to your blog

Firstly, you have to create a page or channel in the name of your blog on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Then boost your page and post for Invite your friends.

3. Get traffic using Quora

Lastly, I use the quora website to get free quality traffic or visitors to my blog.

Quora is a popular question and answer site where every day, thousands of people ask questions on various topics. Moreover, millions of people come here every day to find answers to various questions.

And, in your opinion, ordinary people answer those questions. I mean, (anyone in quora, you can answer questions that people ask.)

Now, you can also find quora questions related to articles written on your blog and then answer them.

And, when writing the answer to the question, you can add the link of the article of your blog in it.

In this way, as soon as people on quora read your answer, they will come to your blog through the link of your given blog. As a result, blog traffic or distractions will increase. Many people are using this medium to bring regular traffic to their blogs and websites. Remember, the more questions you answer, the more answers your blog will answer

The more you link to the article, the more visitors you get.

(Lastly, quora means you can create quality backlinks. As a result, the amount of traffic expected from Google search will increase.

Our last word,

So friends, above I have given you 6 ways that you can use to bring traffic to your blog or visitors for free. A new blog ( these are the best and easiest ways to increase traffic to your website today.

I use these methods, making new visitors every day on my blog.

If you are new to blogging, and do not know how or where people will come to visit a blog or read a blog, then check

how to check website traffic



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